Grass pitches

The grass pitches at University Park are renowned across the country as amongst the finest in Scotland.

Many professionals who have visited St Andrews including FC Barcelona, Manchester United FC and regular visitors, Scottish Rugby, have praised the quality of our outdoor facilities.

The estate incorporates six grass rugby pitches, six football pitches, two cricket pitches, with additional pitches for lacrosse, shinty, ultimate frisbee and 7-a-side football.

Carnegie Fields

The three premium grass pitches that make up the Carnegie Fields are amongst the finest playing surfaces in the country.

Each pitch benefits from a fully-automated, remote controlled Hunter irrigation system equipped with 24 individual sprinklers per pitch for maximum water

Pitch Dimensions

Pitch dimensions for football and rugby vary from 60-70 metres wide to 100-105 metres long, but can be adjusted to suit the requirements of visiting teams, given prior notice.

Height of cut

Height of cut on all pitches is 22mm. Pitches are cylinder cut daily using a Jacobson 305-5 unit ride on mower and rolled and devoted after most training sessions.

Annual maintenance programme

Pitches are overseeded using BAR 7 RPR grass seed mixtures. These offer a combination of performance, wear tolerance and genetic colour that is unparalleled amongst their rivals, resulting in uniform playing surfaces year in year out. 500 tonnes of dune washed sand is applied annually (medium grade), normally after light verti cutting, verti draining and brushing. This provides uniform playing surfaces and smooth ball roll.
Regular soil samples and pH testing allows us to monitor nutrient levels throughout the playing season. Applications of Vitax fertilisers 6-2-10 and liquid N plus seaweed applied monthly provide adequate nutrition levels within the soil profile.