Performance suite

Our dedicated Strength and Conditioning Suite provides a private space for teams to train undisturbed away from our regular gym users.

Featuring five lifting stations, a three-lane plyometric track and designated ‘rehab zone’, the new performance suite also offers video analysis technology.


  • 5 combo RACKS
  • 4 Adjustable benches
  • DB Rack 1 – 10 kg
  • DB rack 12 – 50 kg
  • Glute ham Bench
  • Ercolina rehab
  • 4 Watt Bikes
  • Purpose built throws wall
  • 3-lane 15m plyometric track running
  • Full Eleiko training bars and plates
  • Kaiser Functional Trainer
  • Unilateral leg press
  • Rehab zone; Swiss balls, wobble boards, floor mats, Bosu’s
  • A selection of kettle bells
  • A selection of med balls and slam balls
  • Plyo Boxes and Pulling Blocks

Access to the Performance Suite

The Strength and Conditioning Suite provides the perfect environment for athletes who want to improve their sports performance. ‌This facility is available to athletes on a Performance Sport Programme, as prescribed by a qualified strength and conditioning coach.

Athletes who are not part of the University of St Andrews Performance Sport Programme, who wish to gain access to this facility, must obtain written permission, prior to using the room.

To obtain access to this facility, athletes must meet the following criteria:

  • be competing in sport at a regional, national, or international level
  • have a detailed S&C programme, written by a S&C professional, which will evidence previous and future programmes
  • athletes must always be working to a programme, and this programme must be produced at every session
  • athletes must be able to demonstrate safe and effective technique on all exercises prescribed within the programme
  • athletes must also agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use, as detailed and discussed with a member of the University of St Andrews Strength and Conditioning team
  • members who are training and competing in Olympic lifting or power lifting may also apply to use this facility, if the above criteria are also met

Contact us

If you would like more information, or if you would like to apply for access to this facility please contact:

Allan Gartshore

Allan Gartshore

Saints Sport

Strength and Conditioning Manager