UStABC Boat Naming Ceremony

Thursday 13 July 2023

The University of St Andrews Boat Club recently celebrated the purchase of their new racing eight with a boat naming ceremony at Henley Royal Regatta. The ceremony took place at alumni group Eden Boat Club’s annual Henley BBQ on the Saturday of the Regatta.

As well as unveiling the name of the new boat, McBea, it was a fantastic opportunity to thank all those involved in its purchase and celebrate this milestone for the club. The event was well attended, with current students, representatives from the University and Saints Sport all present. There was also a large gathering of alumni who made the event possible, and who spanned almost all of the 60 year history of the club. It was fantastic to see so Eden BC members all in one place. Henley Royal Regatta is always an important and joyous occasion in the rowing calendar, and it was fitting to celebrate this achievement for the club in this way.

The eight was purchased as a result of the Legacy60 Fundraiser, which took place to mark UStABC’s 60th anniversary. As well as generous donations from individuals, money was raised through hard work and increasingly imaginative fundraising initiatives by club members over the course of the last year. From 24 hour erg marathons, charity football matches and selling baked goods and Eden Boat Club kit. The final piece was the Legacy60 Gala in Edinburgh in January. It was the largest gathering of students and alumni in club history, and the backdrop of Dynamic Earth provided an incredible atmosphere for a proper birthday celebration for the club, as well as auctions and raffles to close out the fundraiser.

Having a high performance boat will allow the club to reach new heights on the UK university scene by competing with other, larger and more established programmes on a more equal playing field.

President Alice Vine said ‘this is a really exciting step for the club, and I’m so proud to be a part of it. This season has shown so much promise, and our new boat will only increase the club’s potential in the future. I can’t wait to see us reach new heights and new speeds’

Director of Rowing Alan Sinclair said ‘I would like to give thanks to all donors, big and small. The purchase of a high performance 8+ will make a hugely positive impact on the club and further our momentum’

Anyone wishing to join Eden Boat Club or support UStABC can find more information at

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