Triathlon club makes a splash!

Thursday 10 November 2022

The University of St Andrews Triathlon team made a big splash at the University of Dundee Aquathlon. Our competitors undertook a 750m pool swim and a challenging 5.4km featuring short sharp straights, tight turns, and mixed ground underfoot.

The event took place on a leafy Saturday, late in October at the University of Dundee with a buzz of nerves and excitement before the event. The St Andrews team, many of whom were pushing themselves to compete in their first multisport event, had a strong presence amongst the other clubs attending. The pre-race briefing was followed by last minute kit checks, nervous laughs, and muesli bar munching. Then, it was time to get underway.
The event was split down into heats that suited everyone from first timers to seasoned vets. This had the added advantage that the St Andrews team could both cheer for and be cheered on by their teammates. The race itself was the expected eye watering, lung burning, test of resolve and, ultimately, a whole lot of fun for everyone. Bananas and a pop-up team boogie were enjoyed on completion of the day, with some great photos to put up next to the medals earned.

There were some exceptional team results too. Csoban Balogh recorded the overall fastest time of the day, completing the event in just 29 minutes and 26 seconds! Cara Tomnay claimed the prize for second female junior with a time of 36 minutes 11 seconds!

The final highlight belongs to those that made the day possible. Thank you to the University of Dundee for organising brilliant event and to our own University of St Andrews coaches and managers for the training, logistics and behind the scenes organisation that makes everything run so smoothly.

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