Dramatic final play at the penultimate event of the R&A Student Tour Series

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Throughout the 2022/23 Student Tour series, Golf Scholars were put to the test across Scotland, France, Portugal, and Spain, facing diverse landscapes and climates. As the journey culminated in St Andrews, excitement grew amidst the formidable challenges encountered at each stop.

France, with its chilly winds and challenging terrain, set the stage for the penultimate event of the 2023/24 Student Tour Series. Le Golf National, known as one of mainland Europe’s toughest courses, demanded exceptional skill and resilience from every golfer.

Before facing this rigorous challenge, Scholars showcased their talent in Portugal, celebrating a triumph against Bournemouth in the BUCS national championship quarterfinals. Despite a frosty delay, the Scholars demonstrated determination, with Adam Charlton leading with a stellar three-under-par performance and Roddy McAuley making an impressive recovery.
The tournament unfolded with gripping intensity, highlighted by Ellie Monk’s remarkable birdie on the final hole, symbolising the team’s spirit. Lucy and Ellie showed resilience, climbing the leaderboard despite initial setbacks.

However, male competitors faced escalating challenges, struggling to match the leaders’ pace in unforgiving conditions. Despite Adam’s efforts, the competition remained fierce, with nine players closely vying for the top spot.

In the climactic showdown, Adam and Ellie displayed unwavering determination. Despite Ellie’s setback on the 9th hole, she showed remarkable resolve, finishing tied for third alongside Lucy and Megan.

Meanwhile, Adam navigated the terrain with precision, maintaining his composure despite adversity. Although he briefly led, a playoff ended in heartbreak with an errant shot leading to his opponent’s victory.

Despite the disappointment, the team showcased pride and camaraderie, reflecting their dedication and skill. As they look forward to the Student Tour Series final in April, the Scholars remain determined and enthused for their future endeavours.

Final Leaderboard
Adam Charlton T1
Roddy McAuley T17
Charles Petrie T28
Trevor Binau T37
Charlie Reynolds T39
Ellie Monk T3
Lucy Jamieson T3
Megan Ashley T3

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