UStA Judo brings back 12 medals in Scotland’s largest multi-event for Students

Friday 8 March 2024

On the 3rd of February, University of St Andrews Judo Club took part in the Scottish Student Judo Individual & Team Championships, the largest multi-event for students hosted in Scotland. Following a challenging day of competitions, they proudly brought back 12 medals!

The team was composed of students across many belt levels and showed some exceptional skills. Trisha Chin won gold in the novice to 5thKYU women’s (U70kg) category. She caught one of her opponents off guard with a perfectly executed Tomoe-Nage.

Gabe Reade won Gold in the Men’s novice to 5th KYU (U81kg) category. He won one of his fights with a refined drop seoi nage. Benjamin Kurokawa also won gold in the men’s novice to 5th KYU (U100kg) category. His smooth harai goshii secured him the win.

Dylan Xu won silver in the men’s novice to 5th KYU (U81kg) category. Catriona Hastings won bronze in the women’s 4th to 2nd KYU (U70kg) category with her fierce skills. Lastly, Sophie McNeill, one of the club’s exceptional black belts and coaches secured the bronze medal in the Women’s 1st KYU (U63kg) category with an impressive performance of the Ura-Nage throw.

The club also took part in the team event, a competition involving groups with members of mixed gender and belt levels. The objective was to accumulate as many points as possible collectively as a team. UStA’s team consisting of Sophie McNeill, Catriona Hastings, Caelan Pereira, Sam Fowler, Faris Baccouche and Benjamin Kurokawa, won 6 bronze medals.

Lastly, special mentions go to Luke Laverty, who helped the platers get to the event on time and Captain Fredrik Hasselgren, who kept spirits high and provided advice from the side-lines, and credit to Mette Sofie Peltonen and Nick Guo for participating in their very first competitions!

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