Saints Tennis Captain Remains Undefeated for Two Years!

Tuesday 14 November 2023

University of St Andrews Tennis Club Women’s Team Captain, Beth Laybourne is on a winning streak, having won 19 BUCS League Single Matches in a row, remaining unbeaten for the last two years!

Beth is a 5th year Physics student who started playing Tennis for her local club when she was three. She started representing Durham and Cleveland at the age of 10 and began competing at individual national events at age 13, as well as this she regularly competed in British tour events before joining the university.

Beth has been a part of Saints Tennis since her first year, finishing with a ranking of 1st place and has helped the Women’s first team achieve their record high finish of 3rd in the Northern Premier League. In her first year she also won the TS Scottish National Finals event in Stirling and both the SSS singles and doubles games.
She was voted in as Women’s Captain in her third and fourth year and helped the Women’s 1s maintain their record finish of 3rd in the Northern Premier League. Her first year as captain, she lost only one singles match the whole season, losing out in a third set, but the following year, proceeded to win all her matches that season.

Having won the SSS singles event for two years following and the doubles once. Beth finished in the BUCS Individuals Top 16 ranking in her third and fourth year. In her third year of captaincy this year, Beth has remained undefeated in singles so far this season, having officially reached two years of being undefeated in singles in the BUCS league.
Since joining St. Andrews in 2019, Beth has won 25/29 singles matches and has been the SSS singles champion every year, with the only exception being when the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, she has won 19 BUCS league singles matches in a row, exceeding two years of being undefeated in the Northern Premier League.

We are very excited to see how this BUCS Season plays out, keep up the good work captain, leading St Andrews to further victories!

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