First Tennis Victory of the Year

Tuesday 3 October 2023

The St Andrews 3s competed against the Aberdeen 1s team on 27th September in the first Tennis match of the year. This week is Scottish Women and Girls in Sport week and we want to highlight some of the amazing women that are a part of the Saints Sport community. This highlight is about Clementine Yockey, a fourth year Economics and Modern History student.

The St Andrews team consisted of Clementine Yockey, her partner Anna Bunn, Kirsty Finlay and Lily Andrews.

Clementine has been playing tennis since the age of 10 and has always loved playing sports. She played softball, tennis, basketball, and soccer in high school and enjoy hiking and skiing. To her, tennis was a fun sport to play with family. She started taking it more seriously in high school and was team captain and leading her team to the division finals. She also a tennis coach during the Summer teaching children how to play. Clementine says, “I like performing under pressure and feeling the weight at every point and knowing that no matter what the score is, I have the drive to fight for every point”.

Clementine doesn’t have as much experience in doubles so she was feeling a lot less confident in the doubles round but her teammate Anna was great at helping her. The duo started off well winning the first set but made a lot of unforced errors the second set and lost 6-0. In the third set, they were able to keep their composure and made an incredible comeback to win the tiebreak. Anna and Clementine managed to finish with a score of 6-4, 0-6, 10-7 against Emily McHale and Hannah McDermid from Aberdeen.
Clementine’s single game score against Hannah McDermid was 7-6 and 7-5 leading St Andrews to a win in that game. The St Andrews team finished with a score of 2-4 with 2 wins for the team and 4 losses. Clementine contributed to both the wins. “It was an incredible first game of the season, especially seeing the amazing support we had on and off the court. The “Go Saints” and “Allez” screams fuelled me to play my best”, says Clementine.

According to Clementine, “Tennis is a great sport to play with friends and family no matter your skill level and a great way to be social while exercising. It is an easy sport to pick up and you will never lose the skill. And all you need to play is a racquet, ball and partner”.

Congratulations to Clementine and the rest of the tennis team for their first victory of the year!

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