Successful Student Tour Series Spain Showcases Remarkable Talent and Tough Competition

Monday 25 September 2023

La Sella Golf Resort & Spa, Alicante – The picturesque La Sella Golf Resort & Spa, just outside Alicante, played host to the Student Tour Series Spain from the 12th to the 14th of September. Nestled next to the Montgó natural park, this renowned course, designed by José María Olazábal, is celebrated globally for its year-round perfect playing conditions amid Mediterranean woodlands and hills adorned with pine trees, orange groves, and almond orchards.

The competition featured a field of nine talented scholars, including returning stalwarts Lucy Jamieson, Megan Ashley, Roddy McAuley, Adam Charlton, and Charlie Reynolds. Joining them were the promising first-year undergraduates Mathilda Orring and Ellie Monk, alongside post-graduate scholars Charles Petrie and Trevor Binau.

The opening rounds revealed a keenly contested battle, with Trevor and Adam leading the charge for the men with scores of +5, closely followed by Roddy at +8, Charles at +9, and Charlie at +10. In the women’s division, Lucy demonstrated exceptional skill with a +1, trailed by Ellie at +4, Megan at +5, and Mathilda at +13.

As the competition heated up, Trevor demonstrated his skill, securing a strong +1 in the second round. Despite not being in his prime, Adam delivered a consistent performance at +5. Charles, Roddy, and Charlie encountered some obstacles, achieving scores of +7, +8, and +8, respectively. Among the women, Lucy moved into top position with a level par, while Ellie and Megan put on steady displays at +7. Mathilda made an impressive comeback by overcoming the first day nerves, concluding the round with a +4.

In the final round, the players demonstrated unwavering determination to improve on previous days performances. Trevor continued his strong showing, finishing at +3, while Adam held his ground at a commendable level par. In the women’s category, Lucy maintained her strong form with a +3, Ellie held her ground at +3, while Megan faced a slight setback, finishing at +6. Mathilda showcased continued improvement, concluding the round at +3.

In the overall performance standings, Lucy Jamieson exhibited exceptional skill throughout the tournament, narrowly missing the top spot and finishing a commendable second. Elice Fredrickson’s flawless performance in the last round secured her the first-place position. Ellie Monk secured a respectable 6th place, with Megan Ashley closely following in 7th. Mathilda Orring showcased remarkable resilience, ultimately finishing in 9th place.

Among the men, Trevor’s consistent performance earned him an 18th place finish, closely followed by Adam Charlton, who played himself back into contention and secured a 19th place finish. The other male competitors demonstrated potential for improvement as they prepare for the upcoming events.

The Student Tour Series Spain not only showcased the remarkable talent of these scholars but also highlighted the tough competition they faced on the challenging course at La Sella Golf Resort & Spa. As the tour progresses, all eyes will be on Rome in a few weeks time

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