Weekly classes

Our weekly class programme caters for pre-school aged children (2-5 years old), primary school aged children in P1-P7 and those in S1-S4. The programme offers a great selection of fun sporting activities to try, with all sessions led by fully qualified sports coaches.

Class timetable and prices

Block 4: 15 April – 29 June 2024 (11 weeks)

Bookings now open. *Climbing will run for 5 weeks

Monday Class Dates
13:15-14:00 Tots Gym 15/04/24 – 24/06/24
15:45-16:45 P1-P4 Gymnastics 15/04/24 – 24/06/24
16:00-17:30 Climbing Age 8-12* 15/04/24 – 13/05/24
16:00-17:00 P5-S1 Netball 15/04/24 – 24/06/24

Tuesday Class Dates
16:00-17:00 P1-P7 Tennis 16/04/24 – 25/06/24

Wednesday Class Dates
No classes

Thursday Class Dates
16:00-17:30 Climbing Age 8-12* 18/04/24 – 15/05/24
15:45-16:45 P5-P7 Gymnastics & Trampoline 18/04/24 – 27/06/24
17:30-19:00 Climbing Age 11-18* 18/04/24 – 16/05/24
19:00-20:30 Climbing Age 11-18* 18/04/24 – 16/05/24

Friday Class Dates
14:00-15:00 Secondary Football (S1-S4) 19/04/24 – 28/06/24
14:00-15:00 Secondary Basketball (S1-S4) 19/04/24 – 28/06/24
16:00-17:00 P1-P3 Football 19/04/24 – 28/06/24
16:00-17:00 P4-P7 Football 19/04/24 – 28/06/24
16:00-17:00 P1-P4 Netball 19/04/24 – 28/06/24
16:00-17:00 P1-P7 Basketball 19/04/24 – 28/06/24

Saturday Class Dates
09:00-10:00 Ages 6-11 Junior Hockey 27/01/24 – 13/04/24
10:00-10:45 Tots Move 20/04/24 – 29/06/24
10:00-10:45 Tots Tennis 20/04/24 – 29/06/24
10:15-11:45 Ages 10-16 Junior Hockey 27/01/24 – 13/04/24
11:00-11:45 Advanced Moves – Multisport 20/04/24 – 29/06/24
11:00-12:00 Tots Football 20/04/24 – 29/06/24

Sunday Class Dates
09:00-10:00 P3-P7 Tennis for Girls 28/01/24 – 31/03/24

Class* Staff/Student Community
All Junior Saints Class (Excluding Junior Hockey and climbing) £5.60 £6.60
Climbing £14.00 £16.50
Junior Hockey £4.50 £4.50
Tennis for Girls £35.00 (per block) £35.00 (per block)
*Please note: prices listed are per session but places are only available to those signing up to a full block of classes.

Block Dates Length
Block 1 21 August – 7 October 2023 7 weeks
Block 2 23 October – 16 December 2023 8 weeks
Block 3 8 January – 30 March 2024 12 weeks
Block 4 15 April – 29 June 2024 11 weeks

Class descriptions

Climbing Age 8 – 12 / Age 11 – 18

Our blocks of Junior Saints climbing classes offer children aged 8-18 years old the chance to learn to climb in a supervised environment, with sessions run by qualified instructors.

Courses run for 5-7 weeks at a time. Each class is limited to a maximum of 6 children per class, so book early to avoid disappointment. Places may also be booked at any point through the programme, providing the class isn’t full.

General information

  • participants will need to arrive at least 10 minutes early to check out equipment and to get all necessary forms completed
  • all participants will require a parental consent form to be completed for each visit
  • all equipment will be provided free of charge: climbing shoes must be worn – helmet wearing is not mandatory for under 16’s in instructor led sessions but can be requested by the parent/carer

For more information on the climbing wall please visit our facilities webpage.

Tots Multi Move

The starting block to our Junior Saints programme of activity – our Multi Move class is for children aged 2-3.

Our Multi Move classes is for parent and toddler class that develops your child’s physical literacy whilst allowing their imagination to run wild with the use of colour recognition and counting whilst developing gross and fine motor skills. This class introduces children to a wide range of movement patterns and develops life skills such as communication, sharing, listening, and teamwork. A wonderful opportunity for your children to meet other children in structured play time.

The class is 45 minutes long and parents are required to stay for the entire session.

Our tots gymnastics class for children ages 3-5, teach children the development of physical literacy and movement skills or the FUNdamentals.

Our classes introduces children to physical activity in a fun yet structured environment so they can safely learn and experiment the ABCs of movement agility, balance and coordination activities.

Advance Moves – Multisport

Embark on an exciting journey with our brand-new Multisports class, specially crafted for preschool kids aged 3-5! Immerse your child in the world of sports exploration! Our Multisports class offers a delightful array of activities, including Football, Basketball, target sports, and more. Every week unfolds a new adventure, keeping the enthusiasm high and the learning dynamic.

Our dedicated coaches are passionate about creating a positive and engaging environment for your little ones. With a focus on fun and skill development, our sessions will nurture a love for sports while introducing fundamental skills in a playful and interactive manner.

Join us as we kick off 2024 with fun, learning, and play in our Multisports class—where every day is a new opportunity for discovery and growth!


Our Netball classes are conducted through a collaborative partnership with certified netball coaches from the University Netball Club, overseen by the Director of Netball to guarantee the delivery of high-quality session content infused with a sense of enjoyment and engagement.

Our coaching team tailor sessions to accommodate participants of varying abilities, ensuring that everyone experiences both learning and enjoyment. This inclusive environment not only facilitates the acquisition of new skills but also provides an excellent opportunity to forge new friendships.


Introducing a fantastic addition to our Junior Saints weekly class programme—an exciting opportunity to explore a new sport or enhance existing skills!

Our dedicated coaches will guide participants through the fundamentals of basketball, covering essential skills such as passing, dribbling, and shooting. Our engaging sessions not only promise a enjoyable experience but also focus on cultivating teamwork through game-based practices. Join us as we combine skill development with the joy of play, offering an enriching environment for both beginners and those looking to elevate their basketball proficiency.


The Saints Sport Gymnastics Programme provides a pathway of gymnastics classes from pre-school to Primary 7 in an exciting and fun environment.


The Saints Sport Football Programme follows the SFA’s player pathway and offers a fun and positive environment for children and young people to develop their footballing skills and confidence.


The Saints Sport Youth Tennis Programme provides a pathway of tennis classes for nursery and primary school children that follows the LTA’s youth programme.

Junior Hockey

Our Saturday morning Junior Hockey programme offers weekly coaching to children in North East Fife and is delivered by the University Hockey Club, overseen by the University’s Director of Hockey Jamie Carnegie.

With fantastic facilities and enthusiastic student coaches leading the sessions, the children are in great hands.

Over the last two years, the programme has delivered hockey to over 300 children in the local area and we are continuously looking at how we can develop it further.

Our aim is to keep the costs of the programme to a minimum to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of sport and activity at a young age. To support this, our team of dedicated coaches from the University and the school volunteer their time for free. The result is an outreach programme that offers accessible coaching for enthusiastic children whilst providing students with opportunities to enhance their coaching and develop a range of transferable skills.

Games and themed sessions

As part of the Junior programme players will have the opportunity to play games throughout the year on the last Sunday of every month.

Throughout the training blocks we run a variety of themed sessions to keep the children (and adults engaged), these include a “Bring your parents to Hockey” session, Halloween, “Kids make the rules” and various tournament days throughout the year.

Secondary Hockey – Friday nights

We are adding a Friday evening session for 2023 that will be more games based to allow players to practice their skills in small sided games in a social environment run by University coaches.

For more information please contact [email protected]