Sport Development Officer is the new Disc Golf British Champion

Friday 5 November 2021

Huge congratulations to Rachel Turton, Sport Development Officer, at Saints Sport who is the new British Champion for Disc Golf! Rachel travelled to Manchester last weekend to compete in the British Campionships, after competing in the European Championship in Czech Republic back in August 2021 finishing in 10th place. Rachel went into the competition with aims of finishing high but couldn’t quite believe it when she was named British Champion, finishing in first place.

Rachel who is also a UK Ultimate Frisbee champion with her team SMOG, only began disc golf during her spare time in lockdown last year. Rachel has been playing ultimate frisbee for over 8 years and is no stranger to competing however, like so many of us she was unable to train or compete during lockdown 2020. This is when Rachel found the Disc Golf course here in St Andrews and decided to give it a go. From there Rachel decided to compete and within a year was named British Champion.

Rachel urges people to go out and play, the sport is accessible and discs can be borrowed from Saints Sport just head in and speak to reception! Rachel Started her Ultimate Frisbee career at university and says it’s not too late for anyone to join the club or get involved in Disc Golf.

Next for Rachel is to continue playing but also competing and travelling in her individual and team sports. Her Ultimate Frisbee team are competing at the World Championships next year, so preparations will soon be underway preparing for this event but in her disc golf career Rachel is aiming to travel more and see what other competion is out there. Good Luck for all future events Rachel!

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