Volunteer Zambia

Volunteer Zambia is an international sport programme run by the Wallace Group – a collaboration between leading UK universities that supports the work of Zambian sports NGO, Sport in Action (SiA).

The Wallace Group

Formed in 2004, the Wallace Group is a collaboration between seven leading universities from the United Kingdom who share a commitment to the establishment and sustainable practices of international development.

The group’s principal focus is sport development for young people through a long term strategic partnership with leading Zambian sports NGO Sport in Action, who use these initiatives to deliver sport for development programmes to thousands of young people each week.

Through the Volunteer Zambia project the Wallace Group is supporting a partnership between Sport in Action, the National Sports Federations and Sports Associations to develop a network of Community Sport Hub Sites across the whole of Zambia.

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The project


The aim of the project is to support Sport in Action to upskill and educate coaches, this empowers local coaches and volunteers to deliver quality and sustainable sessions across Lusaka.

Each summer the 7 universities of the Wallace Group collaborate to send students and staff members to Lusaka for 8 weeks, from the period of June-October. Working with Sport in Action, the student and staff volunteers collaborate with the in-country Zambian colleagues to deliver embedded and sustainable opportunities for young people across Zambia, particularly women and girls. Students will support Sport in Action to deliver a series of accredited coaching workshops, that are recognised by Zambian governing bodies of sport.

Role Description


Student volunteers from across the Wallace Group team up and are split into two groups, with each group spending 8 weeks on placement at the various hub-sites around the capital from June-October.

Students from St Andrews will travel in group 1:

2nd June – 28th July

Volunteer Zambia Induction:

5th – 7th April

For more information, please reach out to Nina Revell (Sports Development Officer, Leadership and Volunteering) [email protected]

Volunteer Portal

The volunteer recognition scheme monitors, acknowledges and rewards the hard work and commitment of volunteers at St Andrews. Students can sign up to the scheme via the dedicated online portal, where they can log their volunteering hours and projects. Students who achieve Gold and Platinum awards can have their volunteering efforts formally recognised on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) when they graduate.