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Strength and Conditioning Services

Strength and Conditioning is dedicated training to improve sports performance. This is done by training to improve key physical markers from the sport which have been shown to improve performance.

This includes and not limited to; speed, power and strength characteristics of the sport. Also the energy systems development which can be done during sports practise or added in as a separate component. It also indirectly improves sports performance by mitigating the likelihood of injury, this will keep you off of the physio table and give you more time to practise your sport.

Who is this for?

Strength and conditioning is ideal for aspiring athletes/sports players, as it looks to improve sports performance both directly and indirectly and anyone wanting the edge over the opponent during competition. Testing and programming will come from a needs analysis of the individual and the sport. This gives a clear picture as to what the strengths and weaknesses are of the individual.

Performance testing and profiling

This includes testing power, speed, agility and fitness levels using the latest and cutting edge technology. We also have a movement assessment test which we can use to assess functional movement.

6 week integrated training programme

From the testing results and a consultation we can put together a 6 week training program looking to improve the physical preparation integrated with the sport.

Performance coaching

1-1, small groups or teams

This can be to improve any of the physical parameters that have been discussed as an area needed to be worked. This may include strength/power training, plyometrics, speed and agility, energy systems development or prehabilitation exercises.

Sports science consultation

This service includes help with all levels of physical preparation. This will come from a discussion on the current situation of the athlete or team and a plan of action of how to improve performance. This may include training sessions, session design, an annual plan, nutritional advice or monitoring strategies.

Service Price
Performance testing and profiling £50
6 week integrated training programme £30
Performance coaching (1 session) £32
Performance coaching (5 sessions) £144
Sports science consultation £50

Fitness services

The Saints Fitness Team within the department are all highly qualified exercise professionals who want to help you make the most of your time within the gym.

Our Personal Trainers offer fitness consultations that can be used to plan your fitness goals, offer fitness advice and help create your personal exercise routine. Bespoke exercise plans that are designed with your goals in mind, make exercising fun, motivating and challenging.

Fitness services