Visiting days

Saints Sport is represented at each visiting day by a panel of student athletes, the Athletic Union President, sport directors and professional staff.

Sport is a vibrant, exciting and integral part of life at the University of St Andrews and we encourage you to speak to our team as they discuss all the sporting and fitness opportunities available to you and why the Saints Experience is so special.

Please email [email protected] with any queries.

Meet the coach

If you are interested in competing for one of our performance teams and would like to speak to one of our Directors or Performance Coaches you can setup a meeting by contacting:

Ian Gaunt Deputy Director (Head of Performance Sport)
Email: [email protected]

Sports tours

It is customary for Saints Sport to run tours of the sports facilities at University Park to coincide with each of the University’s visiting days throughout the year.

We run tours every 30 minutes – just come along to Saints Sport when you are free.

In the meantime, we invite you to watch our virtual tour of the sports facilities to get a glimpse of what is on offer to you in St Andrews.

During your visit, members of the Saints Sport team will provide an insight into the sporting opportunities available to students at St Andrews during a tour of the fantastic sports facilities at University Park. You will find out about our sports clubs, recreational sport programme, fitness services, exercise class programme, training and education opportunities and volunteering programmes.

The talk and tour lasts approximately 35 minutes during which you will get the opportunity to speak to members of staff and ask questions that may not have been covered.

Wednesday afternoon is when the majority of University matches take place and you may get to see some of our teams in action. A list of all home fixtures for the day will be available upon request.