Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers are integral to the success of Saints Sport and play a valuable role in delivering large elements of the overall student sport experience at St Andrews.

We want to celebrate the efforts of our volunteers by spotlighting their significant contributions every month, with the achievements of our most exceptional volunteers recognised through our Volunteer of the Semester award.


Nominations for both the monthly spotlight and Volunteer of the Semester award can be submitted using the short online form below. You can nominate yourself or someone you know who has dedicated their time to make a significant contribution to sport at St Andrews.

The achievements of all our nominees will be featured across Saints Sport’s social media channels each month and can be reposted on your personal LinkedIn account.

The top three nominees for the Volunteer of the Semester award receive a prize to recognise their contributions, such as Amazon vouchers, free PT sessions and much more.

Deadline for nominations for Volunteer of Semester 1: 4th December 2023

Volunteer Spotlight of the Month nominations Volunteer of the Semester nominations

Volunteer of the Semester

2nd place – Izzy Donaldson

Throughout the semester, Izzy in her role as club captain has been responsible for leading 3 of the Kendo Club’s 4 weekly sessions, including our advanced sessions on Tuesday. She has expertly organized our general training sessions, open to both beginners and advanced kendoka practitioners, in a way that benefits people from both experience levels; she makes sure beginners are getting comprehensive training from the ground up, whilst ensuring advanced practitioners continue to sharpen their fundamentals and are can act as observant and responsible senpai for the beginners, especially in their role as training partners and motodachi. Whilst teaching, Izzy also does not just teach the techniques, but explains why those techniques are performed the way they are so we get the full picture.
Izzy also teaches us the philosophical aspects of the martial art and the attitudes it strives to foster. Additionally, she was responsible for teaching our beginners how to put on and take care of their equipment, including their uniforms, bogu (armour) and shinai (practice swords).

Izzy also facilitated the visit of a sensei from the Edinburgh City Kendo Club in October, who led a session for the club. Additionally, she led the organization of our club’s trips to the Edinburgh City Kendo Club and to the Glasgow University Kendo Club to train with other clubs, with the latter trip being for a seminar attended by practitioners from all across Scotland. She was also invited to attend training with the Great Britain kendo squad on two weekends this semester, and passed on what she learned to all of us.

3rd Place – Alexi Cardash-Crowsley

Alexi is the Rifle club match sec, in charge of all postal competitions (competitions shot at home range and sent away to be scored). This semester alone we have members competing in 4 different postal leagues (SSS, BUCS, Scottish Target Shooting, and a league with Oxford University which she set up). Each postal competition has 5-10 rounds, and with over 20 competing members, she has spent a huge amount of time attaching stickers to cards, witnessing them, and reminding people to catch up if the last date for shooting is approaching.

She plays an active role in team selection for competitions and advocates for members who have been steadily improving, ensuring that no one falls under the radar.
She is also one of our NSRA club instructors and Range Conducting Officers (RCO), having completed a course over the summer. This has allowed her to volunteer for the club as an RCO at competitions. She often prioritises coaching over her own personal development and frequently volunteers to open the range early to work on club member’s positions on a one to one basis. She has developed her coaching skills through assisting both novices in their basics and more complex troubleshooting with well established shots. She always approaches coaching with a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere helping the club to be more welcoming and successful.

Volunteer Spotlight


Month Name Club Role
August Tom O’Reilly Athletics & XC International Volunteering
September Natalie Erskine Dance IT & Publicity
October Lewis Carmichael Tennis Learn to Play Rep
November Eleanor Raine Hockey Outreach Officer
December Amelia Goetz Mountaineering Beginners Rep
December Sandy Bond Mountaineering Safety Officer
January Summer Kay Netball Junior Saints Coach
February Josie Porter Trampoline and Gymnastics Club president and coach
March Ellie Trace Rifle Committee member
April Emma Hearn Cheerleading Club Treasurer
May Rebecca Sedgley Dance Dance teacher
June Beth Laybourne Tennis Tennis Coach

Graduate Attributes Portal

The volunteer recognition scheme monitors, acknowledges and rewards the hard work and commitment of volunteers at St Andrews. Students can sign up to the scheme via the dedicated online portal, where they can log their volunteering hours and projects. Students who achieve Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards can have their volunteering efforts formally recognised on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) when they graduate.