Internships with Saints Sport

Saints Sport is delighted to offer a variety of student internships each year as part of the Student Sport Team (SST).

Through our internship programme, students have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience across a variety of different roles within sport:

  • Marketing and Communications
  • AU Treasurer
  • Volunteering
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Wellbeing
  • Sports Development

Interns are fully immersed in the busy activities associated with managing the sporting and fitness opportunities available at the University and work closely with Saints Sport staff.

All matriculated students of the University of St Andrews are eligible to apply for a position on the Student Sport Team.

If you are keen to learn in a work based environment, develop skills, add value and bring creativity to an exciting, dynamic team then please have a look at the opportunities below or check back towards the end of each academic year as we look to recruit our new team.

Student Sport Team 2024-2025

The Student Sport Team will comprise the following positions for academic year 2024-25:

  • Athletic Union Treasurer
  • Marketing Officer (Graphic Design)
  • Marketing Officer (Digital Media)
  • Sport Participation Officer
  • Volunteer Development Officer
  • Wellbeing and Equal Opportunities Officer
  • International Volunteering Development Officer
  • Junior Hockey Development Officer
  • Football Leagues Development Officer

Internship vacancies 2024-25

The recruitment process for the 2024-2025 Saints Sport internship programme is now open, please click each job role for the job description. We invite applications for the following roles:

Athletic Union Executive Committee

The Athletic Union Executive Committee is made up of four student members from the Student Sport Team and the Athletic Union President, who as a group meet on a regular basis to discuss and help shape the future of student sport at St Andrews. Their voices, opinions, and ideas are vital for furthering the student experience.

Each member of the Exec represents a specific area of student sport, whether that be sports development, media, finance, events, volunteering, wellbeing or inclusion. In doing so Saints Sport keeps student representation at the centre of the organisation.

How can I get involved?

Following a successful application, the new Student Sport Team will vote on who they would like to represent them on the Exec committee.