Saints Leaders programme

Through the Saints Leaders Programme we provide structures and mechanisms that inspire and encourage our students to develop their potential, foster vital social and life skills, raise their aspirations in order to achieve higher levels of attainment and make their mark by being the best they can.

We deliver and subsidise a comprehensive and tailored programme of support, training, and mentoring that supports those wishing to gain additional qualifications and provides access to external expert-led workshops alongside our own in-house training sessions.

The programme is designed to empower students in their own personal development, helping them to realise their potential and graduate with a range of skills and experiences that will significantly improve their career prospects and prepare them for life beyond university.

Saints Leaders

We seek to empower students to take responsibility for delivering large elements of the overall student sport experience and look to nurture and support a team of over 500 volunteers who are committed to delivering student sport activity within their clubs for more than 4,000 students throughout the academic term.

A Saints Leader is anyone who holds a committee role within a University sports club and Saints Sport is committed to providing the best possible support and training for these leaders.

The Saints Leaders Programme aims to:

  • develop the skills, knowledge, and behaviours of students in leadership positions within sport
  • nurture current and future leaders to think innovatively and creatively
  • provide a support network of likeminded people to learn from, and share good practice with
  • develop highly transferable skills that will significantly enhance career prospects
  • provide clubs with more confident and effective leaders

Sessions delivered as part of the Saints Leaders Programme utilise the expertise of staff from across the University, bringing together experts from Saints Sport, Careers, Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development (CEED), School of Management, Student Services, and external speakers from the world of sport and business.

The Saints Leaders Programme is split into three strands: