Saints Wellbeing

Sport and physical exercise is now widely recognised as an important part of life, not only for the obvious benefits coming from having an active lifestyle, but also due to the positive effects it has been shown to have on personal and mental wellbeing, social inclusion, employability and academic attainment.

Wellbeing services

Within our society, and particularly in sport, there is still a degree of stigma attached to mental health which often results in people not seeking the help they need. Saints Sport are working closely to break down barriers to de-stigmatise mental ill health and promote a culture of mental wellbeing within our community.

We have teamed up with Students Services and the Student’s Association to deliver a number of services, offering support and guidance, and aimed at improving the wellbeing of our students, staff and community.

LGBT+ Silver Charter

Saints Sport was the first unit within the University and the first Sports Department in Scotland to be awarded the LGBT Silver Charter mark by LGBT Youth Scotland.

Wellbeing initiatives